The purpose of this blog is to share things learned by Tom Davis (me) in the public infrastructure and community improvement world.

The posts here are articles about spaces used by the public in urban streetscapes and adjacent properties–both public and private.  The hope is these descriptions encourage and help others add such amenities to their public and private spaces.

Artist created carved stone fountain and bench. Note mechanical  vault hatch in foreground.My goal is to add two posts each month. So check back or add this site to your favorite RSS feed and get automatic notices when a page is added. Register and you will be sent an email when a new post is published. Your email address will not be shared or sold as I ask that you treat mine with the same respect.

Please leave comments about your work and how additions and changes contributed to the quality of your space. Share how they helped, or hindered, your maintenance of that quality. Leave a comment or contact me directly at the email address below.  Join the work against uninspiring public spaces.

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