Secluded, shaded space on Main Street?

Harris County Admin Bldg on Main St.jpgYes there is a secluded, totally shaded space on Main Street in the heart of Downtown Houston. It is on the north side of the Harris County Administration Building sandwiched between that nine-story building and the far older three-story buildings facing Congress. This is between Preston and Congress and can be entered from Main St. or Fannin St. The space is owned and maintained by Harris County.

There is a neat restaurant in the building at the corner of Main and Congress-on the north side of the shaded space-with a low iron fence enclosing an outside dining area under the trees.

I am not sure how this space fits over the building’s under-ground parking garage or in between the down-ramp and the garage. The size of the oaks and the many azaleas seem too large to be in concrete “containers” built over the garage floors. They could be because on the opposite side on Preston St. there are three magnolias that are growing in three large tanks that are over the ramp to the same garage.

[googleMap name=”Harris County Public Space” width=”300″ height=”300″ typecontrol=”false” directions_to=”false”]Main St at Preston St. Houston TX[/googleMap]The sad part is those who enjoy this space are largely the smokers. But that is better than no one enjoying it.

This area is owned and maintained by Harris County, Texas.


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